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MOVING Together Instructors

Our instructors are the core of our work. They have expertise in movement practices, online group instruction, and enjoy working with older adults and people with cognitive decline.  

We are seeking movement Instructors who have genuine passion for working with older adults living with memory loss; the ability to change, grow and learn with us in serving this population; basic technology skills; and the curiosity to learn a new, integrative movement program for working with older adults with memory loss.

Our Instructor Team

Jennifer Lee, GCFP

Allison Porter Klinger, GCFP

Allison Porter Klinger, GCFP


Senior MOVING Together Instructor

Jenn is a Certified Feldenkrais Method Practitioner, completing Feldenkrais trainings in the US and Europe, with a private bodywork and movement practice specializing in complex orthopedic and neurological issues for the past 23 years. Since 2011, Ms. Lee has helped develop, test and implement PLIÉ. As a Senior Instructor for the PLIÉ and Moving Together programs she has led online curriculum development and training for new instructors.

Allison Porter Klinger, GCFP

Allison Porter Klinger, GCFP

Allison Porter Klinger, GCFP


MOVING Together Instructor

Allison has over thirty years of experience in dance, movement education and the healing arts. With a keen interest in kinesthetic learning, she completed the SemioPhysics Feldenkrais Training in 2000, and has been practicing Feldenkrais Method in Sonoma County ever since. Most recently, Allison worked with Dr. Barnes and her research team to test PLIÉ at adult day enters in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Amanda Lee, MSBH

Allison Porter Klinger, GCFP

Amanda Lee, MSBH


Community Manager

Amanda supports participants and instructors in our online community. She is a yoga instructor and recently completed her MS in Behavioral Health.  She has assisted in the testing and implementation of the PLIÉ program and MOVING Together classes.  Amanda volunteers with SF Friends Who Care, a multi-generational, volunteer organization dedicated to sharing the message of caring and compassion through community theater.

Interested in becoming a MOVING Together instructor?

We are currently looking for a small number of highly skilled movement instructors to teach the online Moving Together program. Our long-term goal is to scale nationwide and train instructors worldwide. 


Who: Movement instructors with certification in the Feldenkrais Method, Rosen Movement, Tai Chi, yoga or a similar movement practice and the following:

- Dementia experience working with people living with memory loss, i.e. mild cognitive impairment, dementia, Alzheimer's disease.

- Certified to teach group movement minimum of 5 years of experience.

- Open to learning and adherence to a new movement program through guidance, feedback and support. To develop as an instructor, you will need to be able to receive feedback well.

- Comfortable with technology - able to use email and zoom correspondence, willingness to learn online teaching methods.

- 1-year commitment minimum with renewal assessed each year.

- Flexible and adaptable as every person with memory loss is different and research is a fluid process subject to change quickly.

- If you are selected to join the research team, you will participate in human subject research training, will learn research methods, and will be required to adhere to research protocols.

What/Where: On-line live-stream training and teaching the PLIÉ/Moving Together program, and if in the SF Bay Area or visiting the area local in person classes are available to visit.

Employment: Part-time employment after a brief voluntary trial period, by mutual agreement.


· Train in the Moving Together Program, an innovative new movement program - at the moment the only way to learn this program. 

· Work remotely teaching online classes from home.

· Contribute to research benefiting a very vulnerable population which is growing. 

· Learn research ethics and methods. 

· Work directly and strategically with brain health.

· Learn additional skills to support your private practice.

· Make a difference in people's lives!


Is this a Feldenkrais/Yoga/Tai Chi/Rosen Movement class? We have developed a program specifically designed to create a safe learning environment for older adults living with memory loss and their care partners. The program is integrative and utilizes Feldenkrais principles along principles from other modalities such as Rosen, yoga, Tai Chi, occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreation therapy, and dance movement therapy. Instructors must be open to learning a program that integrates principles from multiple approaches. 

Is this only in the SF bay area? Our long-term goal is to scale nationwide and train instructors worldwide. 

Where will the training be? We are developing an online live-stream platform for the classes and plan to incorporate instructors-in-training into the classes as part of their training. 

Any obligations in addition to attending online classes? Because we are researching and developing the online live stream platform and the instructor training system, you will be asked for feedback. To develop as an instructor, you will need to receive feedback well. If you are selected as an instructor in the research study, you will participate in human subject research training and will learn research methods.